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It’s widely assumed that The White Hart was built at the same time as St Peter’s Church in Stockbridge, although there doesn’t appear to be any record of this.

The St Peter’s Church was built in the 12th century and the original inn would have been a small brew house, which is still standing today where our snug/sofa area is located. It was built as a coaching inn, where the locals and visitors of Stockbridge were served for more than 400 years.

There were once numerous stables at The White Hart that provided additional income until 40 years ago. Racing was tremendously popular at the local racecourse – The Danebury – made even more so by the patronage the Late Edward VII. Edward was a regular visitor to Stockbridge, where he conducted his affair with the actress Lille Langtry. You might spot that the local tearoom on the High Street is named after her.

In 1976 the White Hart was bought by a gentleman called Peter Curtis who converted the stables into bedrooms. Very sadly he passed away in 1999 and the pub was sold to the brewers George Gale & Co. Fullers bought Gales in 2005 and over the years have transformed the business into the beautiful country inn with 24 beautiful bedrooms that it is today.

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